Pisces Monthly Horoscope August 2013

This unique month is rich with opportunities for spiritual and emotional growth. The first of two Full Moons occurs on August 1 in your 12th House of Divinity, and it features an exact trine to visionary Jupiter that tunes up your intuition and floods you with insights. This socially responsible Aquarius Full Moon is also harmoniously aligned with irrepressible Mars and innovative Uranus, giving you the impetus to break with the past and apply your vision to a higher cause.

A more personal transit is magnetic Venus’s move into nurturing Cancer and your 5th House of Romance on August 7, which coaxes you to express your feelings more openly. A combination of tenderness and lust makes you a very desirable partner in love.
Messenger Mercury’s direct turn on the 8th gets information flowing more easily, especially when related to work, health, and school.

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Aquarius Monthly Horoscope August 2013

The month gets off to an auspicious start. A deliciously playful Full Moon in quirky Aquarius on August 1 ignites an explosion of joy as bountiful Jupiter trines the Moon from your 5th House of Romance. If you’ve been feeling at odds in your personal and professional relationships, you should find your footing when communicative Mercury turns forward in your 7th House of Others on August 8.

The audacious Leo New Moon on the 17th brings another wave of self-confidence, goodwill, and supportive friends and co-workers. The extravagant ideas of your allies and the boldness of your own proposals gain credibility from a smart sextile to solid Saturn that provides the common sense and follow-through to turn your plans into reality.

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Capricorn Monthly Horoscope August 2013

Finances are a top priority this month, with plenty of planetary activity occurring in your 8th House of Shared Resources. The avant-garde Aquarius Full Moon shines in your 2nd House of Income on August 1, placing money matters in the spotlight. Harmonious aspects to the Moon from enterprising Mars, propitious Jupiter, and surprising Uranus open your eyes to unexpected economic opportunities. It’s vital to look outside your usual areas of expertise and invest in new tools and training to get the payoff you desire.

A demanding conjunction of mobile Mars and scrupulous Saturn in your 10th House of Career on August 15 could be a critical point in your professional life. If you’ve been working hard for a good cause, you finally receive the recognition that you deserve. You might launch a new project or take an existing one to a higher level if you have supportive partners. Yet you could run into resistance or simply run out of gas if you find yourself in the familiar position of doing everything on your own.

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Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope August 2013

The freethinking Aquarius Full Moon on August 1 lights up your 3rd House of Communication to kick off this busy month. A happy trine to beneficent Jupiter in your 7th House of Others brings good news from a friend or colleague. Look beyond your daily routine and make exciting plans for the future as the radiant Leo Sun moves through your 9th House of Adventure until August 22. But with Mercury moving backward until August 8, it’s imperative that you tie up loose ends in existing projects before jumping into what’s next.

Your belief systems are undergoing a metamorphosis that impacts the way you express yourself. These issues began to surface when transformational Pluto first squared irrepressible Uranus on June 24. They’re now moving closer together again—their second square is on September 19—and magnetic Venus forms stressful aspects to this dynamic duo on August 15-16, attracting jealous or controlling people who might try to squelch your desire for independence.

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Scorpio Monthly Horoscope August 2013

You must find a comfortable balance between your public responsibilities and private activities this month to give you the sense of personal control you desire. The Sun in demonstrative Leo occupies your 10th House of Career until August 22, keeping you in the spotlight and, perhaps, in a position of leadership. However, the intellectual Aquarius Full Moon in your 4th House of Home and Family on August 1 reflects your reluctance to play such a visible role.

Nevertheless, communicative Mercury’s direct turn in your 10th House on August 8 provides encouragement for expressing your ideas with charisma and conviction.Your professional life gets another boost on August 17 when the creative Leo New Moon, also falling in your 10th House of Status, inspires you to take more risks, perhaps seeking a more prestigious job or even starting a business of your own.

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Libra Monthly Horoscope August 2013

The month opens with an urgent reminder to stay true to yourself when the nonconformist Aquarius Full Moon on August 1 brightens your 5th House of Love and Creativity. A lucky lunar trine to expansive Jupiter in your 9th House of Travel awakens your longings for a thrilling adventure that could turn out to be a life-changing experience. Recognition comes your way when popular Venus trades in her fickle flights of fancy and flies out of airy Gemini to swim into the nurturing waters of Cancer and your public 10th House on August 7.

You are more eager than ever to engage in clever conversations or flirtatious behavior when effusive Mercury’s direct turn in outgoing Leo and your 11th House of Friends on August 8 motivates you to get your social life back in full swing. However, a few rough days prior to the melodramatic Leo New Moon on August 17 might find you lost in a new relationship landscape that seems less stable than before.

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Virgo Monthly Horoscope August 2013

Your life gets back on track this month as you are finally ready to move from fixing the past to creating the future. This change begins when your ruling planet, Mercury, turns direct on August 8, freeing up mindshare to consider new ideas and projects. On August 22, the Sun enters Virgo, warming your sign with confidence and courage for the next thirty days. Managing your job and physical well-being could be key areas for breakthroughs with the progressive Aquarius Full Moon on August 1 brightening your 6th House of Health and Work.

However, the push toward innovation is partially countered by lovable Venus’s entry into cautious Cancer and your 11th House of Groups on August 7. This can bring you comfort from friends and colleagues, but your need for security and a strong sense of loyalty may stop you from taking chances or making dramatic changes.

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