Taurus 2012 Career

The recent opposition of Saturn in Leo and your solar fourth house with Neptune in Aquarius and your photo voltaic tenth house may have given your job situation or aspirations a hammering.You may be exhausted from your effort or disillusioned with your professional situation.Career influences or connections might have been annoying, troublesome as well as deceitful. If you’re fatigued or disinterested, you might be hunting for a new type of fulfilment or perhaps a new type of existence. The devotional facet of existence may take on new importance.

This season, the Lunar North Node is within Aquarius, getting contacts and associations to build up your job aspirations. Buddies, groups and new connections or ideas provides you with the lift you’ll need. You are prepared to create on a brand new course, begin a new type of professional development or find a new cycle of duties. You’ll gain tossing inside your efforts with other people or altering the foundation which you need to do things.Jan 28th to Feb 19th will bring a period of review in career matters, professional connections or responsibilities. Consider but hold back on big decisions. A New Moon Eclipse in Aquarius on Feb 7th will see the end of a career cycle or connection. The Full Moon Eclipse in Aquarius Aug 16th will reveal what can and can’t be done and with whom you will or won’t engage professionally.

Mystic Neptune offers a mixed blessing as he joins with the Lunar North Node in the last week of Apr and on into mid May. You may deal with creative or spiritual people. New interests or practices may fascinate you. You feel a call to move away from current involvements or alter your direction. Romantic or creative aspirations bring a change of direction. Be sure you’re not seduced or taken in though. Avoid untoward involvements, whether professional or personal. Don’t mistake a gimmick for any plan and do not put finance or good relations in danger with regard to a hopeless dream or perhaps an impractical punt. Chiron the wounded healbot continues this flow into Jun because he brings unusual people or practices to your existence. It is the proper time to consider new interests or procedures to succeed or change your career situation or your cycle of duties. An instructor or specialist of the unusual calibre may feature or help set a brand new path for you personally..


  1. Can you please predict my horoscopes for year 2012. My date of birth is 19/05/1987..


  2. When will I get a job? Will I get a good job? my date of birth is 7th MAy 1974 at 4.56 am in Mumbai, India?

  3. HI i just lost my job . Will i get a better job soon .

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