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Gemini 2012 Career

Saturn continues in Leo as the year begins,continue on Apr 19th then entering a retrograde phase on Dec 19th. Information, education and the introduction of new ideas, plans or schemes will feature.The art of communication and its requisite skills is a path to be pursued. However, your talkative nature may be more restrained than usual as you learn or grow or reflect on important matters. Dealings with those older or in authority may feature in the pattern of daily life, as will interactions with siblings or neighbours. Thus, this really is still a time of growth with professional or vocational inclinations. Plans will come to fruit or perhaps a plateau in August as Saturn synchronizes with Pluto. Additionally for this, Uranus still moves through Pisces as well as your photo voltaic tenth house, getting sudden change, uncertainty or dramatic understandings or discoveries to alter professional dealings or interaction with authority. Mid March will give you surprises, an increase of action or energetic change.

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