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Milton Black 2011 Pisces Horoscope

Venus the goddess begins in reverse in Aquarius and your solar twelfth house, moving back to Capricorn on Jan 1st. An uncertain start or reorientation may mark the beginning of the year in matters of love or money. You may need to go back over old ground or wait on events or developments to take their course. You may come among old friends or associations for a time. You may return to goals or dreams that you’ve held in the past. Don’t immerse yourself too deeply though. For some, you may find you’re only going back to discover there’s nothing to go back for.

For others, you may renew an old association and begin something again in earnest. For some, health (yours or someone else’s) may delay your plans or change them. In the overall, it’s time to review what you want from the love and money interests in your life. Go back to the drawing board. Set yourself to wait for what you want or take the time to develop new interests or a new direction. Patience is the key. Partnership issues may resolve themselves if you decide what you want.

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Milton Black 2011 Aquarius Horoscope

With Venus in reverse motion in your sign, you may have to go back over something or deal with outstanding matters as the year begins. This may involve romance or money. It may also be a more personal matter of how you present or deal with things. There may be a cost for something done in the past or a bill you’ve already run up. Sort out unresolved issues or dealings to clear the way ahead for later. You may decide to go back to a past situation or the past may in some way or other be drawn back to you. You may have to care for someone for a time or give extra care to yourself.

There may be secret or hidden dealings with others that will bring surprises or results that only come further down the line. You may have a secret, a hidden need or desire or an event from the past that must to come to light so you can move freely into the future. The Water Bearer does not always easily look back. The future is the orientation of your sign. However, you will draw great benefit from attending to the outstanding or the overdue as you wend your way.

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Milton Black 2011 Capricorn Horoscope

Venus the goddess begins the year in reverse motion in Aquarius. Review money practices. You may incur unexpected expenses. Changes in relationships may alter your spending patterns. You may have change in a close relationship because of money. A change with money may alter a close relationship. Changes with money or finances may lead to personal change, as you alter the way you live and relate. You may start the year by having to deal with old or outstanding matters. People with whom you have had past obligations, either emotionally or financially, may re-enter life for renewal or resolution.

A Grand Cross, in the fixed signs of Taurus and Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius, guides you into New Year. This is a ‘go for it’ year with both love and money. Some of you will want to play, speculate, have adventures or find romance. But will you have the funds to do so? Some will want to work hard and accumulate, putting everything aside for the important achievements. But what are you working for if there’s no enjoyment in life? Some will want a change of lifestyle that may see a shift in living standards or life direction. Are you going for what really makes you happy? Some will want to dive deep, take risks, living at the sharp end or on the edge. But how will you relax? The answer to each question is contained in the nature of the others. It will be most important for you to keep a balance between all the aspects of your life to find the fulfilment you’re seeking. Married or single, success, romance, lifestyle and the quest are the joint themes by which you can transform your lives. Work to keep a balance, but don’t be half-hearted in your efforts. If you’re going to do it, give it everything.

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Milton Black 2011 Sagittarius Horoscope

Venus the goddess is in reverse motion in Aquarius as the year begins, joining with Chiron, the wounded healer. You may revive old business schemes or be reunited with old associates. Neighbours or siblings may feature in odd or unexpected change. People connected with your past may come back to your life through unexpected connections or communications. Romance may be a matter of the chance encounter that comes in the mundane or workaday world. Singles may make a romantic connection while travelling, on the move or in general business life. Those in a relationship may find that much time and energy goes into work, business or the outward spiral of contacts or connections.

When Jupiter moves to your sign on Nov 24th, your luck is in. In both love and money, you can afford to take a gamble or a risk though you won’t want to be excessive. Singles may begin a new romance. Fortune or an opportune encounter may play a part. Those in a relationship may be able to explore its contours more expansively, travelling together or seeking new horizons to expand and grow.

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Milton Black 2011 Scorpio Horoscope

With Jupiter in your sign, the year begins expansively with matters of love and money. Singles may find opportunity to cross the frontier of romance. Travel, study or people from overseas may be involved. Those in a relationship can revive or renew romantic options or life together by expanding the horizon. You may find the first blossoms of the fruits you have worked for or you may suddenly be taken by a fortunate development or the winds of change. The change could be intense or complete once it rolls through. The risk will pay the dividend. Don’t look at money to provide the means of change. Look at opportunity, chance, risk or natural development to get you what you want. Don’t stay where you are!

As Venus the goddess glitters in reverse motion in Aquarius as the year begins, some of you may return to old connections, emotionally or romantically. You may go back over something in order to move ahead later on. People who have featured in your emotional life before could return. This could happen with suddenness and provide an opportunity for healing or for renewal. You may reconnect with an old flame. You may review a current situation. With Mars in Taurus as the year begins, there may be intense connections with you and others. It could be hot in the Scorpio boudoir. You could also find yourself with a rival or an opponent who tests you in one way or another. Grow through any tension.

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