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Scorpio 2012 Work and Health

With Saturn in Virgo, learning new abilities or work techniques will become important. Develop new contacts, interests or associations associated with work or social participation. You may even shed past connections. Choice or necessity could make you more discerning about who your buddies and buddies are. You’ll be worried about health insurance and wellness to be able to pursue important goals. New ideas, thinking or buddies would bring you to definitely a big change of direction about what’s essential in your existence. Watch out for the stresses of overdoing things or getting into too deep.

As March turns to November, you’ll be pressed and drawn from a desire to have romance, lifestyle or entertainment and also the demands of groups, special interests and action within the wider community. You’ll face important choices or you will have to resolve concerns about just where to place your efforts as well as your energy. You will see key variations you have with buddies or affiliates over the best way to proceed. Take some time and persistence to solve them.

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