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Susan Miller, Pisces Monthly Horoscope December 2010

This is a wonderful month for you to draw on the power of prayer. By praying earnestly and open-heartedly to whomever you deem to be your creator, you open a window onto what you aspire to, and the light you let in guides your growth in that direction. Many challenges rise up to meet you this month ; draw your strength from the wisdom of flow and inner serenity.

Retire to quieter pursuits, do half as much and be more, and watch the stars in motion and learn some of their names.The New Moon Solstice opens up a stairway to Heaven; make your start for the New Year then.

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Susan Miller, Aquarius Monthly Horoscope December 2010

Your off-kilter head rebel, Uranus, is being naughty-not-nice right from the git-go this month, rattling and derailing the established order of things ! First, it squares the Sun on the 2nd, then both the Sun and the Moon on the 4th. As the Bruce Springstein song goes – you’ll want to change your clothes, your hair, your face, and on top of that you’ll probably be later than usual for work. See this as an opportunity (and hope your boss does) to free yourself from outdated self-images that no longer serve your current reality.

A square to Mercury on the 15th bubbles conversations with charming and alarming effervesence, and yet another square to Mars on the 21st engenders hot-rodding and recklessness. Proceed unhurriedly with high receptivity at this time.

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Susan Miller, Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope December 2010

Congratulations ! You pass Go ! The Sun, arm-in-arm with Jupiter, is now striding through your most brave-hearted and optimistic sign and not even the shivering cold and deepening darkness will stop them. Now is the time to rise above it all – time to make a master plan – time to celebrate your birthday, Solstice,Christmas, camaraderie and connections !

The Full Moon rising on the 4th offers valuable new perspectives and illuminates what needs transcending. Sunday the 10th brings hope and vision, and Monday the 11th spurs you into action.

From the 13th through to the 27th, magical forces are at work and you are offered a here-to-fore unparalled opportunity to become a channel for the Forces of Goodness and Grace, your Highest Self, a Christmas Elf !

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Susan Miller, Scorpio Monthly Horoscope December 2010

Plant feathers, rocks and shells in your winter garden this month. Hang a dream-catcher from the trees and set up a garden Diva underneath. When the light of the Full Moon lights up the long, cold night of the 4th, write a list of what you wish to release in your life and then burn it, burying the ashes in your garden. That gives you two weeks to figure out what you’d like to welcome in.

By the dark of the Solstice New Moon on the 19th and 20th, plant or place something which symbolizes your new intentions over the ashes of your Full Moon sacrifice. Place it where you can see it everyday. And then, last but not least, invite over the sweetest and happiest people you know for a feast and tell them just to bring their smiles !

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Susan Miller, Libra Monthly Horoscope December 2010

With the holidays just around the corner, it’s time to polish your halo ! For at least an hour each day this month, cultivate a state of inner mindfulness in which all words you say and thoughts you think are positive. Refrain from criticizing a single thing and find something good to focus on in every situation with every person. You will find that this powerful task has the potential to change your life and everyone with whom you come in contact. With practice your life can become a perfect prayer!

Castles you’ve been building in the air will be wanting a foundation put under them from the 10th onwards when Venus enters earth-bound Capricorn and gets you working straight through to the 3rd of next month.

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