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Susan Miller Aries Monthly Horoscope July 2011

You feel confident, outgoing, optimistic and enterprising. Expansion of business and professional pursuits is likely now. The business you are involved in is likely to attract new customers, develop new products, and receive increased recognition and influence at this time. You personally also receive these same benefits and this is a time when you could receive a significant salary raise or a more lucrative and influential job. You are able to wield considerable influence and power at this time, and you may be called upon to assume a position of leadership and social importance. The only negative possibility is that your pursuits and advancement may be aimed strictly at personal gain and recognition with little regard for its real value as a contribution to others.

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Susan Miller Aries Monthly Horoscope June 2011

Your career, social standing, or reputation is favored at this time, especially by making personal contact with superiors or by socializing and making friendly contacts at work. You may make a good friend or meet someone beautiful and charming through your work. Now is also a good time to enhance your public standing and to create good will with the public.

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Susan Miller Aries Monthly Horoscope May 2011

This month, Aries will have a bipolar tendency. You may find yourself not having enough time in the day, or, conversely, the day can seem endless and empty. However, bipolar actually can be stimulating. The trick is to blend these energies to make the month elegant and fulfilling. First be aware of the state of consciousness in which you are residing. If life is too fast, consciously slow it down, withdraw and retreat. If you need to become proactive to be productive, then crank it up and do just that. On the 21st of the month, things will even out in a positive drift.

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Susan Miller Aries Monthly Horoscope April 2011

You may feel overly dependent on loved ones at this time. The emotional support and nurturing you receive in your domestic or romantic life may be fraught with disappointment and victimization. Necessary adjustments will include a need to focus on realistic perceptions of loved ones and their abilities to adequately alleviate your emotional neediness. Lack of compassion, dissipated energy, and weakened intuition interfere with your ability to help and heal others. This is a time when insensitivity prevails in the home and there is confusion over who is to provide the security and care in order for the family unit to operate functionally. Children may appear aloof and evasive, experience mood swings, or act irresponsibly toward their duties.

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Susan Miller Aries Monthly Horoscope March 2011

Matters of the heart take centre stage as Venus lingers in your passionate sign all month; old flames may re-ignite or reappear for resolution. You stand to learn from past experiences now, if you are willing to inquire and listen with an open heart.

Mars in the people-oriented sign of Aquarius until mid-month encourages you to seek fellowship.Equinox and the start of your birthday month arrives on the 20th, followed 6 days later with a double whammy of Aries energy, when both the Sun and Moon align in your sign, inspiring grand quests and galvanizing adventurous desires!

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