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Pisces January 2012

Your words may not have come out right on the first attempt. Try again, and this time try adding a little more feeling, passion. Your mood will slow your busy pace down to one of maintenance and introspection. You may learn some bad news about someone who’s close to you. Allow yourself the opportunity to vent your anger & sadness, without others present. Give yourself an imaginary deadline to help yourself to keep yourself in motion. Avoid impulsive decisions. Use some insight to resolve your differences. Use caution with alcohol or drugs, as you may be very sensitive at this time. Natural products may be a better buy than their chemically derived imitations, check the labels. Accept a gift given to you with the best of intentions.

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Aquarius January 2012

You are a very generous person, but someone’s request may be going a little too far. One false word could create havoc. Your communication and intuitive skills are very strong, use them. You’ve got the moves to smooth and soothe even the wildest beast, boss or mate. Kids are putty in your hands and potential lovers will enjoy being around you. Just be yourself. You’re so charming when you’re feeling in control. You love to talk, however, do best to communicate carefully. Every syllable will be scrutinized. For that reason,it’s probably better to say less than more. Prepare your answers in advance. Ad-libbing probably will not work.

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Capricorn January 2012

It’s hard to be optimistic if you don’t know whether you’re coming or going. Your behavior will be understood by those who know you well. Seek their help to get yourself back on track. Your previous efforts may now bear fruit. A breakthrough may happen when you least expect it. New experiences appeal to your sense of adventure. You’re well equipped to handle anything that comes your way. Converts to your cause will stand behind you, ready to back you up. This could be an excellent time for business if you can find anyone who feels like discussing it. Take a break from what you’ve been doing, and check in with your partner before going any further.

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Sagittarius January 2012

The only reason why you aren’t further ahead is that not enough people know about you. Your message may speak for itself, but turning on the charm certainly couldn’t hurt. Your charisma puts you at the center of any social gathering. Exchange cards and make follow up calls to demonstrate your sincerity. No one can accuse you of not doing your part to build a community. Reach out to others in your time of need. You’ve given enough over the years, and now is the time to ask for something back. The results should be interesting. A real friend won’t begrudge you anything you ask for.

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Scorpio January 2012

Find and maintain your natural rhythm. Circumstances beyond your control may have you at your wit’s end. Hang in there to discuss, argue, and make your points. Fighting is inevitable, but will only grind your energy to a halt. Work with your handicaps instead of denying or rebelling against them. Be especially careful where and how you spend your money. Keep your ears open to tips on finding real bargains. Research & store your information for future reference. Release your pent up stress with exercise or meditation and stop internalizing everything so much. Consider new ways to reduce the emotional stress you feel.

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