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Pisces 2012 Love and Money

Your year in romance won’t present a soft landing. It’ll bring demands, obligations or, actually, another era inside your personal existence. It will not be considered a year of ‘sweet nothings’ or ‘bedroom heat’, though you may expect a little of this.However, you will gain much more that is of enduring value by forging a working bond with someone close. In fact, you need to learn new skills or methods to deal with the changing spectrum of your partnership situation. Health or work concerns will influence, alter or even build a relationship for you. A number of you’ll arrived at work closer with a family member where others will discover that ‘long term’ alternation in your loved a person’s existence or interests might take both of you lower different streets. All this arrives, obviously, to Saturn within the manifestation of the Virgin.

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Pisces 2012 Work and Health

The Lunar North Node is in Aquarius while the South Node is in Leo. Health concerns may trouble you this year and you may look to change your routines or circumstances in order to find the right measure for daily life. Some of you are searching for new truths or practices to take you away from the mundane situation that you’re in. Others will find that a health condition or a switch in work circumstances changes the vista before you. Either way, you’ll seek change or change will find you.

Under this influence, you will make unusual contacts, touching new people or their beliefs and will find yourself on a search for meaning or embracing new ideas or interests.

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