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Scorpio January 2012

Find and maintain your natural rhythm. Circumstances beyond your control may have you at your wit’s end. Hang in there to discuss, argue, and make your points. Fighting is inevitable, but will only grind your energy to a halt. Work with your handicaps instead of denying or rebelling against them. Be especially careful where and how you spend your money. Keep your ears open to tips on finding real bargains. Research & store your information for future reference. Release your pent up stress with exercise or meditation and stop internalizing everything so much. Consider new ways to reduce the emotional stress you feel.

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Scorpio December 2011

Freedom, independence, and individuality are the key issues for this time period. You find it extremely difficult to continue in a daily activity that is tedious, boring, or simply unexciting. Of course, no one enjoys tedium, but at this point in your life, you simply cannot tolerate it! If your job is unexciting, you may leave it even if you do not have another job lined up. This is certainly a time to break up old patterns and be adventurous, but be wary of being foolhardy.

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Scorpio November 2011

You are more sympathetic and understanding of others now. You are willing to give them the benefit of the doubt, and you are not as pushy as usual. Even if you are normally very understanding and tolerant of other people’s foibles, you are able to reach a better rapport with others and be less resistant and defensive when others disagree with you or act in ways that are not agreeable with you. This is an excellent time to openly talk with anyone that you do not feel comfortable with and do not have a good rapport with. You can break down barriers with others now.

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Scorpio October 2011

You might sacrifice some of your own personal desires to prove your commitment and dedication to the primary relationships in your life. You can appear very devoted to your mate, but you may focus more on the intricate workings of your partnership than on the individual you are relating to. If you deny your own interests to the extreme just now, you may obsess over issues in your one-to-one relationships. You have to find a balance in your need to be of service in your primary relationships. On the other hand, if your passion is work and career, you may spend this time avoiding intimacy and closeness in your partnerships.

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Susan Miller Scorpio Monthly Horoscope September 2011

Scientific studies and the latest technologies fascinate you. Rather than seeing science as a dry, academic area, you now encounter imaginative inventions and ideas that intrigue and fascinate you. You may also develop an interest in unusual studies such as astrology or numerology. Your political and social idealism is also stirred, and you may become active in altruistic or idealistic social reform. Be careful, however, in practical affairs. You find it difficult at times to control your enthusiasm about progressive and unusual ideas. However, your ideas tend to be less realistic and practical than you realize. In short, business decisions and career decisions tend to be unrealistically optimistic.

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